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** If the “Invalid username or password” error displays, as circled below, please try resetting your password by following the additional steps listed below.
  1. Click “Forgot/Reset your password?”
  2. Enter your full email address (that you use to log into the portal with) where prompted.
    • Please double check the spelling to ensure you’re entering the correct email.
  3. Click “E-mail new password”
  4. 4. In a different web browser, open your email account
    • Example - gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.
    • Be sure to use the same email account that you are using to log into the portal
  5. While logged into your email account inbox, look for an email titled, “Temporary Password for Allied Portal” which would be sent from website@alliedgroup.com
  6. If you do not see the email in your inbox
    • Check again in 5 minutes.
    • Check your junk or spam folder(s) for the email.
    • If you did not receive the temporary password email after waiting 5 minutes and checking your spam/junk folder(s), you may not be using the email that Allied has on file for you
    • Please call Allied to confirm your email/username
  7. Once you have the Temporary Password email, copy the temporary password.
    • The temporary password is case-sensitive.
    • Be sure to only select and copy the password portion of the email.
  8. Click the link in the email by clicking “here” as shown below.
    A new Portal Login page should open.
  9. By clicking on “here”, a new portal login page will open as shown below.
  10. Enter the same email address that you used to get your temporary password in the field next to “Your Email” as shown above
  11. Right click in the field next to “Your Password” to paste the password you just received from the email.
    • You can manually type the password in but be sure to enter it exactly as it shows in the email.
  12. Click the “Log in” button.
    You Will be prompted to reset your password
  13. Enter a new password of your choice into the “New password” field.
  14. Re-enter the same exact password into the “Confirm new password” field.
      Please note - these passwords are case-sensitive.
  15. Click on the “Reset” button.
  16. A “Reset Password Confirmation” page will now open, as shown below
  17. Click the link that states, “click here to log in” on the “Reset Password Confirmation” page (as shown above) to log in to the portal with your new password.
  18. Congratulations, you are now in the portal! Please keep both your email address and password written down and stored in a safe location for future reference as needed
  19. If you have followed all of these steps and are still not able to access the Allied portal, please call Allied’s Customer Service team at (860) 627-9500 for further assistance.
** Please remember to never share any passwords and log in information to any websites with anyone else to ensure your information stays secure!**